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Legally, Ghana doesn’t exist – Kosi Kedem

Former Hohoe-South MP Kosi Kedem has stated that owing to a constitutional blunder by the British during the Gold Coast era, Ghana doesn’t legally exist.

This statement is in reference to the recent attacks in the Volta Region where secessionist groups through violent means have demanded their independence from Ghana.

During an interview on Joy News’ PM Express, Mr Kedem explained that is because the UN Resolution 1044, documentation required to ratify the union between the Gold Coast, a British Colony and Togoland, a United Nations Trust Territory, the country has no legal standing.

“There’s no union document on the so-called union between Ghana (Gold Coast) and Togoland. Defacto, they are one [unit], but legally, Ghana does not exist.”

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In his explanation, he revealed that present Ghana as we know it is made up of the Gold Coast and the UN Trust Territory of British Togoland, and in order for that union to be constitutionally legal, a union document was needed in order to legalise that union.

This document however was never developed. In addition to that, after it was determined that a union was to be enforced between Gold Coast and Togoland no meeting was held to determine the modalities of the union.

“Resolution 1044 which recognizes the recommended union, the same UN Resolution 1044 invited the British Government which was the administering authority to take such steps as necessary to bring about the union.

“So if a Trust Territory, being ruled by the UN and a colony being ruled by Britain are to come into union, what do you do? You have to sit the two of them down for them to determine what type of government they want to have, what will be their responsibilities, obligations and benefit. No such thing was done,” he revealed.