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Meet Phoebe Terri-Seiter, the Kenyan founder of Malaika Soul Food catering services in Germany

If you live in Köln, Germany and would like to enjoy fresh African food such as jollof rice, plantain, tilapia, ntaba (fried goat meat), then you should get in touch with Malaika Soul Food founded and managed by Phoebe Terri-Seiter, an amazing Kenyan in Germany.

Malaika Soul Food is a catering company offering authentic handmade African foods for all events – be they private or official. The company provides catering services at home or on specific locations. You can order a customised menu. Malaika Soul Food also delivers frozen food all over Germany.

Phoebe Terri-Seiter is a Kenyan-born lady in Germany with a passion for cooking. She has been living in Germany for 16 years.

In the following exclusive interview with AfroNews Phoebe narrates how she started her business, the challenges she has faced so far and some advice for young people aspiring to venture into the catering services in Germany.

Phoebe, when did you initiate your business?

I launched Malaika Soul Food in November 2019 in Köln.

What motivated you to start African catering services in Germany?

Cooking has basically been a part of me and I noticed the demand for the African food.

What do you consider to be the main strength of your business?

My online shop. Selling the food online makes me able to reach customers who live hundreds of kilometres away.

What kind of food do you prepare?

I prepare African food – mostly East African but also the basic West African foods.

Has COVID-19 affected your business in any way?

Yes, COVID-19 has seriously affected my business because all the events we attend to sell our food were cancelled. It indeed affected our revenues.

How difficult is it to find African food and ingredients in Germany?

It is still not 100% guarantee to get what you need at the time that you need. Meaning you have to preorder which is also not 100% guaranteed.

What’s your advice to young Africans in Germany considering venturing into this field or business?

If it is your calling it is a rewarding business but do it right and professionally to be taken seriously. Remember we are in a foreign land, representing ourselves and our culture through food. And please learn the German language.

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By Stephen Ogongo

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No: +49 174 8829926