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Jesty B, Nigerian Afropop musician based in Germany back with new song and video “Feeling It”

Jesty B, a Nigerian Afropop musician based in Germany is back with a new song and video titled “Feeling It”.

The song is about keeping positive vibes and celebrating with dear ones since life is too short to be unhappy, Jesty B. told the AfroNews Germany.

He encourages people to live the present and always enjoy the company of their loved ones. The young musician seems to be suggesting that people should always party.

The Nigerian born musician has been living in Osnabrück, Germany for several years.

Africans in Germany, he says, should work hard as usual and contribute to making Germany a nice to live in. He is also encouraging them to be law abiding and only engage in activities that can help Africans in Germany earn respect.

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In a message to his fans, Jesty B. says: “There’s no me without my amazing fans. I love them and I will keep giving them good music.”