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‘I faced a lot of racism in Germany but I thought I’d finally be accepted in Ghana’ -Ghanaian Afro German singer Wendy Shay

Ghanaian artist who used to live in Germany, Wendy Shay, has shared how many struggles she has faced in her journey towards becoming a musician in Ghana.

According to her, she was surprised to have been welcomed with so much hate from her own home country after battling a series of racism in Germany for years.

Ghanaian artist Wendy Shay added that all she wanted was to share her God-given talent with Ghanaians but they have refused to accept it.

The Afro German Ghanaian artist Wendy Shay

Ghanaweb reported that, “Leaving my mum at age 22 to come and do music in Ghana was not easy. I faced a lot of racism in Germany and when I finally came back to Ghana, I thought I’d be accepted. But no, it didn’t happen. Nobody knows what I’ve been through. From cyber-bullying to all sorts of embarrassments. I just came here to do music. All I wanted was to give my gift to Ghanaians but they didn’t want to receive it,” she stated in an Instagram live video.

The Afro German Ghanaian artist Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay remains adamant in her dream to soar the airwaves of music within Ghana and without. The troll shave made her even more determined and her skin thicker when dealing with haters in the music industry.

Although she is a little over two years old in the industry, Wendy has been trolled on the internet for her talent, dressing, and her makeup or no-makeup face.

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