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Afro German YouTubers MOFOR reflect on social effects of coronavirus

Afro German Youtuber family MOFOR’s, have recorded a video on their channel talking about the social effects of the coronavirus in Germany.

With a lot of public places being closed down like restaurants, schools, malls etc ,the streets have been a bit deserted.

They talk about there being beautiful weather in spring and not being able to experience it.

Coronavirus: You tubers MOFOR on discuss the social effects of coronavirus in Germany. (image courtesy of instagram)

Germany has enforced lock down measures and there has been similar actions from other countries too. But what was unprecedented was that the lockdown would last as long as past the Easter season.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country is will be on lockdown until the 19th of April, especially if the situation at hand does not improve.

This serves as bad news for those who tend to spend the Easter holiday around family and friends.

Cheryl explains that at the beginning the isolation did not feel as serious but with time the effects of the pandemic hit.

Medical practitioners are also being very cautious with infected persons and people complaining of similar symptoms.

They are requesting that people rather get to the coronavirus hotline than come down to the clinics.

There has been an air of stigma around those exhibiting symptoms and this could create a challenge when people need medical services for other sicknesses.

Restrictions have been set for being caught outside and without proof you get fined 25,000 euros.


“If you have children then now is the time to stay a stay with them and play with them,” Nicky said. The couple has two children.

Coronavirus: You tubers MOFOR with their two children . (image courtesy of Instagram)

This is something positive that has resulted from the lockdown that people should not really take for granted. The fast paced life has been reduced to a stand still.

The couple finished off by wishing that people stay safe, quarantined and that they sanitize and wash hands regularly.

“Prevention is better than cure, and keep yourself busy by watching our videos”. Nicky said.

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