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African Women in Europe Conference speakers unveiled

High-profile inspirational African women will address the African Women in Europe (AWE) Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The Conference will be held on 18th June 2016 under the theme: “Leadership and integration for change.”


It is being organized by the African Women in Europe (AWE) Network, an organization founded in 2008 by Joy Zenz and co-founder Wambui Njau, with more than 1,000 members globally.

The line-up of workshop facilitators and speakers


Muzvare Betty Makoni
Muzvare Betty Makoni

Muzvare Betty Makoni is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Girl Child Network Worldwide.

Recently, she was selected to be in the team of UK experts for Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative. She served as a Gender Based Violence Expert with UK Foreign Office for two years advocating to end rape as a weapon of war in conflict.

Muzvare Betty Makoni is an Ashoka Fellow. She was named a CNN Hero in 2009 for Protecting the Powerless and was honoured by UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador Nicole Kidman. She has over 56 global awards for excellence, innovation and passion for girls and women’s rights.

Newsweek named Muzvare Betty Makoni in 2011 amongst 150 women who shake the world.

She is a published author & poet, theatre director, educationist and a critical thinker.


Veye Wirngo Tatah Veye Tatah
Veye Wirngo Tatah Veye Tatah

Veye Wirngo Tatah Veye Tatah is the founder of the association “Positive Africa” and honorary chief editor of “Africa Positive” magazine.

She is a Cameroonian computer scientist, journalist and entrepreneur who has successfully established two business enterprises in Dortmund, Germany.

She is better known for her tireless efforts to promote the integration of African migrants in Germany.


Jennifer Obaseki
Jennifer Obaseki

Jennifer Obaseki is a human rights expert, entrepreneur, founder and Senior Partner at Obaseki Solicitors.

She holds a BA Degree in Law and Economics. She has successfully represented so many clients with difficult immigration and human rights cases internationally.

Obaseki Solicitors specializes in human rights and family rights. The firm also assists clients in developing successful businesses, and has won several awards.


Jenny Chika Okafor
Jenny Chika Okafor

Jenny Chika Okafor is a mother, lawyer, civil rights advocate, political commentator, lobbyist and business adviser.

She has passion for women and girls’ rights, and assists them in finding their rightful places in the society.

She is a blogger and the founder of “XRAY with Jenny Chika Okafor” where she discusses leadership, morality, equality, religion, consciousness and social justice around the globe with Africa as her main focus.

She is also the President of Nigerian Women in the Diaspora Leadership Forum (NWIDLF).

Dr Chichi Menakaya is a surgeon, human rights advocate and the founder of Okwui Mask Foundation that supports victims of gender based violence across the globe.


Joy Wanjiru Zenz (Machugu)
Joy Wanjiru Zenz (Machugu)

Almost a decade ago, Joy Wanjiru Zenz (Machugu) founded the organisation African Women in Europe (A.W.E.) and established a website ( where over 1,000 women in Europe network, support and encourage each other’s projects, events and business endeavours.

She is a women’s empowerment activist and event organiser.

The Sonne-Magazine has acknowledged her as one of the 20 most influential women working to promote the positive image of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora.

Promoting entrepreneurship and networking among African women living in Europe and other continents is her passion. She believes in working together as a team and her motto is “Together we are STRONG”.


Wambui Njau
Wambui Njau

Wambui Njau is the co-founder of African Women in Europe (AWE) and an Event Organiser.

She has a passion for bringing African women together to work, support and empower each other.

She is the founder of Fanaka Foundation Women’s Group – a private organisation that encourages women to invest back in Kenya, supporting each other and raising money to educate young girls.

The organisation is active and has been running for over five years.

Wambui Njau won the GAB Awards 2015 for Africa Cohesion. She received the Role Model of the Year 2016 Award from the Women4Africa organisation.

She is a former honorary Secretary of Kenya Golf Society Europe (KGSE).

Wambui Njau is currently an IT Project Manager – Skanska.


Dr. Harnet Bokrezion
Dr. Harnet Bokrezion

Dr. Harnet Bokrezion is an Africa Market Entry Strategist, speaker and author.

She is the founder of Bootcamp Africa and a Senior International Development Consultant for Africa working at the UN, EU, and Oxfam funding programs for 14 years.

In 2012 she shifted from the traditional development context towards an emerging markets and business approach for Africa.


Phoebe Ruguru
Phoebe Ruguru

Phoebe Ruguru is a Kenyan film director and producer known for winning the 2014 modern day slavery short film competition in London. Her winning film “Saidia” (Swahili for help) was shot entirely on her iPhone 4s. She is also a poet, writer and student.

Phoebe Ruguru won the AWE Young Achievers Award in 2015.


Wacuka Kamau
Wacuka Kamau

Wacuka Kamau has a BA Degree in Multilingual Communication and is a very proud Kenyan/African lady.

She has passion for languages and looking at “identity crisis amongst the youth” in Europe. She uses every opportunity to raise her voice on this issue.


Cllr Fajana-Thomas
Cllr Fajana-Thomas

Cllr Susan Jumoke Fajana-Thomas is a British Nigerian Socio-Political campaigner.

She is a TV commentator and Councillor in London Borough of Hackney.

Cllr Fajana-Thomas is a leading campaigner against all forms of racism and inequalities.

She also campaigns for community engagement, participation and financial empowerment for women.

She mentors younger women who wish to be active in politics.

Cllr Fajana-Thomas is the first Black and Ethnic Minority Chair of Hackney North and Stoke Newington Constituency Labour Party.


Dr. Susan Enjema Aweh
Dr. Susan Enjema Aweh

Dr. Susan Enjema Aweh fondly called Dr. SEA is a specialist consultant in internal medicine. She is the founder of Dr. SEA Initiative – a health advocacy program.

She is also the founder and writer of “A Sister in Germany”, an inspirational website on Africans in Germany.

The African Women in Europe (AWE) Conference will be held at the Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf, Maritim-Platz 1, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany, on 18th June 2016 from 13:00.

Click here to book your ticket and accommodation.

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