Mr White releases song about money and fake friends – WATCH VIDEO

When you have money, it is not easy to distinguish between fake and true friends.

Mr White, an emerging Nigerian musician based in Germany
Mr White, an emerging Nigerian musician based in Germany

Mr White, a Nigerian musician based in Germany has released a new song showing how money can attract many fake friends and lovers.

In the song titled “Money” Ft. Living Stone, Mr White says that as long as these fake friends and lovers can benefit from you and enjoy everything your money can buy, they will stick to you.

They will even make you believe they hold you dear.

But the moment you’ll lose all the money, you’ll never see them again. And that’s not all. They’ll end up talking bad about you. The song warns that if you want to know who your true friends are, remain poor.

Without money, Mr White sings, there are no friends, no family and no love. Of course the fake ones. Those who sincerely hold you dear will always remain close even if you are poor.

Enjoy “Money” by Mr White Ft. Living Stone.

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a

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