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Winner of the Best African Association at the African Community in Germany Awards 2021

The winner of the Best African Association in Germany at the African Community in Germany Awards 2021 was Kenyan women in Germany e.V (KWIG).

Kenyan Women in Germany (KWIG) become winners of the best African association in Germany at the AFRONEWS African community awards.

Mr Fränzel delivered the cash prize of 2000 euros from Ortel Mobile to the Kenyan Women in Germany e.V. (KWIG) who won. The cash prize is meant to support the activities of the association.

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How Kenyan Women in Germany e.V. (KWIG) will spend the cash prize

The association was represented by Ms Racheal Ngigi, the Chief Financial officer and by Ms Nelly Okumu, the Operations Manager. KWIG plans to use the funds in training leaders of its working groups.

In their acceptance speech, KWIG said: “We are grateful and humbled for this recognition. KWIG’s mission is to promote the social and economic inclusion, advancement, and empowerment of Kenyan women in Germany through contextual support and development. We do this through 11 working groups, which are the heart and soul of the organisation. The groups organise projects that focus on various topics of interest. Here, members use their professional know-how on a voluntary basis to realise the goals of the association.”

The winning organisation revealed that they would use the funds to support the training of their leaders. “Today’s cash prize of 2000 euros will go a long way to help support our activities. We plan to use it to offer trainings to leaders of the working groups I just mentioned. We believe that if our leaders are equipped with the necessary tools, they will be in a better position to serve our members and the community at large,” KWIG said, adding that the Domestic Violence Group leaders, for instance, must be trained on how to professionally guide a distressed victim.

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The trainings will be held both online and offline, with qualified institutions or individuals.

“We as KWIG, do not take this award for granted. We now have an even greater responsibility to our members and the entire African community in Germany. We take it as a challenge not only to develop our organisation, but also to work together with other institutions to archive the spirit in which this event was organised. Which is the empowerment of our African community, regardless of country of origin. For if you want to go faster, walk alone, if you want to go far, walk together,” KWIG said.