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  • Assimi Goita Mali President

    Near assassination attempt foiled: Mali’s transitional president Assimi Goita survives

    Mali’s transitional president , Colonel Assimi Goita has survived a near assassination attempt that took place yesterday during Eid rites at the Grand Mosque of Bamako. Authorities revealed that the assassins ended up hurting a different person instead of the president. Eye Gambia reported that Latus Tourè, manager of the mosque narrated that, “It was […] More

  • Car accident in Berlin

    Germany: Car accident in Berlin leaves 7 injured

    As a result of a car accident in Berlin in the morning hours yesterday, 7 people were injured, this was confirmed by local authorities informed shortly before noon.  The accident was an unfortunate event, not a deliberate act. The driver lost control of the steering wheel. An investigation into this is ongoing. The driver was stopped and […] More

  • anti-immigrant Bossi-Fini Law

    Italy urged to abolish anti-immigrant Bossi-Fini Law and security decrees

    Enrico Rossi, Governor of Tuscany Region has renewed calls for the abolition of the anti-immigrant Bossi-Fini Immigration Law and the immigration-security decrees. Bossi-Fini, the centre-right government’s immigration legislation entered into force in 2002. It has since been criticised by associations of immigrants, trade unions and employers’ organisations, left and centre-left parties but none has so […] More

  • Sudan bans Female Genital Mutilation

    Sudan bans Female Genital Mutilation and allows alcohol for non-Muslims

    Sudan has outlawed the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), a big move that be considered a major victory for women’s rights in the country.   Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari told state television that the country will decriminalise apostasy in addition to banning the FGM. Sudanese women will also be allowed to travel with their children […] More

  • in

    Germany issues travel warning against non EU countries

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel extended a travel warning for nations outside Europe through to the end of August and urged Germans to avoid non-essential travel to other countries and made emphasis on the UK.  German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the country is to maintain a 3-month old warning against travel for tourists to […] More