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  • Krankenkasse in Germany

    Krankenkasse in Germany. How to choose the best health insurance in 2021

    Krankenkasse in Germany: There are over one hundred different health insurance funds in Germany! Which is the best? Which is the cheapest? Which Offers The Best Healthcare in 2021?  Since health insurance is compulsory in Germany , choosing a health insurance fund (Krankenkasse) is a formality that must be undertaken by everyone who settles in the country. According to information conveyed as of January 1, 2021, […] More

  • Hanau shooting

    Victims of far-right Hanau shooting honoured by mural

    Victims of the far-right Hanau shooting have been commemorated by having a mural painted in their honour that covers a 27 –meter (89 feet) long wall. The mural was unveiled in Frankfurt and comes four months after the racially motivated attack by a German right-wing extremist. What happened at the Hanau shootings? To back track, […] More

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    Germany: Coronavirus tracking app has been downloaded 6.5 Million times during the first day

    The new application created in Germany to track the spread of coronavirus was announced by the SAP to have been downloaded 6.5 million times for the first 24 hours of its release. The application tracks users’ contacts via Bluetooth. The “Corona-Warn-App” application created in cooperation with the SAP and Deutsche Telekom IT group was released on […] More

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    Germany: The Covid-Warn-App is now available

    The German app for tracking for people-to-people contacts and monitoring the spread of coronavirus from June 16th June for download, which residents of the national authorities encourage. In Germany the contact tracking application was created in cooperation with the government with the national operator Deutsche Telekom and the IT Company SAP. An API developed jointly by […] More

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    What 7 changes are being enforced in Germany 2020?

    There are some changes that are being enforced in Germany in 2020 Gradual lifting of restrictions All states in Germany will be lifting some of the restrictions imposed on the coronavirus pandemic. The federal government has established certain rules that apply across the country, but many rules that come into force from June differ significant […] More

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    Important changes to migrant and labour laws in Germany

    Germany has approved and changed many laws that will be implemented this year, this is meant to make life easier for migrants in Germany. Here is a brief look at the most important changes. Skilled Immigration Act Germany has introduced the Skilled Immigration Act, which is a new law to help the country handle shortage […] More

  • Germany coronavirus testing capacity

    Coronavirus in Germany: €750m to be spent on a vaccine

    The German government has agreed to fund a programme that cost €750m to find a cure of the novel coronavirus, this will also include distribution of the vaccine to all people in Germany. Researchers hope large-scale trial swill help speed up the process towards a solution for the virus, this was announced by research minister […] More

  • Asylum seekers in Germany
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    Coronavirus: New strict measures in asylum seekers’ hostels in Germany

    Germany has implanted strict measures in asylum seekers’ hostel because many migrants living in the shelters have tested positive for coronavirus. It is a challenge to contain the virus and enforce social distancing where the spaces are tight and people live too close together hence these measures had to be enforced. Here are examples of […] More

  • coronavirus
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    Coronavirus: Africans in Germany launch awareness campaign

    Coronavirus sensitization campaign has been launched by TANG. The African Network of Germany, has started a campaign to provide information about the coronavirus disease to Africans living Germany. Dr Sylvie Nantcha, chairperson of TANG, said the organisation launched the awareness and sensitisation campaign as its contribution to national efforts to contain the spread of the […] More

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